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Posted on 2014.01.04 at 17:04
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This is primarily MCR homoerotic fiction. Pretty much everything I write has or will have (ranging from mildly graphic to extremely graphic) porn, overuse of the word "fuck," and a variety of things that do not/cannot happen in real life. You've been warned.

Transformative Works Policy: Consider this blanket permission to replicate my works in audio or visual form (e.g. podfic, artwork, etc.) however, I would love to be made aware of such things so that I can appropriately provide links to such from said works.

Disclaimer: The following content is fiction, written without intent to harm. I do not, in any way, profit from this fictional creation or own any characters in this story. The following content is also available on AO3 where the same disclaimer applies.

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Mikey Way, Gerard Way

Some Days

Posted on 2012.09.21 at 14:22
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Title: Some Days
Author: onceuponamoon
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Warning: language, hurt/comfort related to ~issues
Summary: The one where there’s a big comfy chair and Gerard takes care of Mikey.
Author’s Note: I asked chelsri7 for a prompt yesterday because I needed a distraction ("and an eyeball") for reasons, SO she sent back “giant comfortable chair” and voila. She also beta’d it. Sorry if you were expecting something warm and fuzzy.

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Progress 7

Posted on 2012.09.16 at 14:16
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First and foremost, HELLO I'VE MISSED LJ. I haven't posted nearly as much as I've wanted to this year, and I find that to be very depressing. Though I haven't posted, I've been writing like crazy even though I really don't have the time (as this semester is rightly kicking my ass) but I'm hoping to finish up a few projects and send them off to be beta'd soon. Ish. But probably not.

This was my first year doing BBB and I must say that I am SPEECHLESS with the reception my fic has gotten. I got the most awesome mix and art and now my dearest dapatty is podding my fic. I AM SO SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

A little about the making of Moth to Flame (or Whatever):

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'Cause After All by fallennotes


1. White Sky – Vampire Weekend
2. I Need A Minute – Imagine Dragons
3. P R O P E R – Into It. Over It.
4. It’s Time – Imagine Dragons
5. Blue Flower – Mazzy Star
6. Summer Clothes – Meg and Dia
7. Float On – Modest Mouse
8. My Understandings – Of Mice & Men
9. The Bends – Radiohead
10.You Really Got Me – the Kinks
11.You Can’t Hurry Love – the Supremes
12. Be Calm – Fun.

Download here: 'Cause After All

Vaguely spoilery notes beneath the cut!

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Basically, fallennotes did an absolutely perfect job at pinning the feel of the story in these twelve songs. Please give it a listen and leave her a comment! Thank you so much fallennotes!!!


I'm so lucky to have been claimed for both art and a fanmix for my first BBB, and I feel even luckier to have gotten [personal profile] lucifuge5 who made these four beautiful pieces for me. Seriously, just LOOK at them. I've spent so much time flailing over these -- the pictures, the backgrounds, the chosen quotes -- and I literally couldn't be happier. Thank you so much [personal profile] lucifuge5!!! You are a doll ♥

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Title: Moth to Flame (or Whatever)
Author: onceuponamoon
Band: MCR, hints of FOB
Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard, minor Dewees/OFC
Word Count: 31,310
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: adult themes, sexual content, profanity, mentions of past marijuana use, minor off-screen OC death
A florist AU.

“Um, okay,” the guy says. He scratches at his nose, and continues to glance around the store, enraptured, albeit a little awkwardly. Eventually, his gaze lands back on Frank. “Is this your place?”

Nodding, Frank grins (that silly, prideful one that he absolutely cannot help) and opens his arms wide to gesture in a sweeping motion. “Pride and joy,” he quips. “It was my grandmother’s.”

Author's Note: Research on flower shops, botany, accounting, and Italian were done via the internet, so inaccuracies may be present. Creative license was used very liberally. Massive thanks to chelsri7 for the swift beta and kind words. Also thanks to [personal profile] dapatty, s0ckpupp3t, and Paige for all of the cheerleading and encouragements. This definitely wouldn’t have happened without you awesome ladies. ♥ ETA: Thanks to frerardestiel for the Italian grammar help!

On AO3

Bonus Materials

Four Pieces by [personal profile] lucifuge5

'Cause After All by fallennotes

Progress 6

Posted on 2012.05.06 at 12:42

I've been busy finishing up my freshman year of college, and, god, yesterday my sister got married. I have (too) many fics in the works (including my very first BBB!!!) that are probably more prolific than quality.

Also, I've changed my username from hangemhigh27! I know it probably fucks up links and shit, but ya know. It had to be done. onceuponamoon is my username everywhere else, so I figured that I should make things coincide. Oh well.

This has been an update.


Posted on 2012.04.13 at 15:49
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Title: Exoteric
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: language
Summary: “Exoteric—suitable for or communicated to the general public”
Disclaimer: Still fabricated.
Author’s Note: Five Minute Ficlet #9. Unbeta’d.

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Posted on 2012.04.08 at 11:27
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Title: Auscultation
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Rating: PG
Warnings: Fluff
Summary: “Auscultation—the act of listening to sounds within the body as a method of diagnosis”
Disclaimer: Devised. (Also, I do not claim to own any rights to Little Shop of Horrors.)
Author’s Note: Five Minute Ficlet #8. Unbeta’d.

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Posted on 2012.03.30 at 12:11
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Title: Burled
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Rating: R
Warnings: language, mentioned sex, mentioned drug use
Summary: “Burled—having small knots that produce a distorted grain in wood”
Disclaimer: Fabricated.
Author’s Note: Five Minute Ficlet #7. Unbeta’d.

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